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ACPPLs products are made via various technologies. Few of the major technologies are outlined below:

Stamping / Pressing

ACPPL has over 200 press machines pan-India, with capability ranging from 100 tonnes to 1600 tonnes. Most of our heavy-duty presses are imported from Germany & commissioned by in-house teams. We do tandem as well as progressive pressing, using a wide range of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, high-strength-low-alloy (HSLA), dual-phase (DP) steel up to 980 MPa, tailor welded blanks (TWB) & aluminium; with material thickness/ gauge range of 0.5 mm to 8 mm.


ACPPL uses various technologies for part to part assembly 

Tube processing

Equipped with 3 axis servo drive CNC bending machines, we are capable of processing both ERW and CEW metal tubes up to 65 mm in diameter and 4 mm in wall thickness. Our high precision machines can process 180° bends with an accuracy of 0.2°. High precision special purpose machines with an accuracy of 25 µm for drilling and scooping applications give rise to highly accurate weld joints. Tube notching is done by high-speed milling applications, which are custom made as per requirement. Tube bending & processing is done for a wide range of tubes up to 980 MPa.

Surface treatment

Many of our parts have surface treatment requirements. Through in-house setups or through trusted vendors, we can offer CED coating, powder coating, painting, plating, etc. We have the ability to meet SST requirements more than 1000 hours, and are capable of meeting all local and global standards.